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Turkarslan is the company from İzmir which has been manufacturing steel doors without outsourcing since 2002.
Our steel door manufacturer company is within the borders of Menderes which is 15 km away to İzmir city centre, 4 km away to Adnan Menderes International Airport, operates in the area of 6000 square meters.
Our company has taken as a principle to work with the expert personnels in order to produce high quality product and service since it was established. The company which is aware of difficulty to manufacture products with high quality raw materials and labour, is able to sell the high quality products at fair prices through high purchasing power.
The company which is conscious of automation is a necessity and the impact of craftsmanship on the quality, uses these two factors to manufacture high quality doors. Turkarslan Steel Door which manufactures all components of the steel door, uses premium iron sheet, MDF and coatings. Turkarslan cares about to use high quality varnishes and paints on the surface of the doors which are sensitive to human health and the environment .
Our company which is awake that the steel door process is not over with manufacturing, operates with own erecting crew and technical service.
Our company has also its own R&D team in order to design doors at the request of the customers.

Quality Policy

One of the most essential drivers of maintaining our place in the market and keeping on rising is providing high quality steel doors and services. Therefore, providing high quality steel doors and services is more important than making profit for us.

Vision and Mission

Being in the leading position by providing to rise in production each day based on the ground of quality and reliability.

Keeping up with the technology and adopt affordable prices as a principle by holding customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Environment and Liveability

The main goal is acting responsibly to natural resources and ecological system in our products in order to leave a liveable environment to future generations.


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